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FWD TOURISM Pvt. Ltd (Hereinafter”FWD”)recognizes the importance of privacy of its users and also of maintaining confidentiality of information provided by its users. This Privacy Policy provides for the practices for handling and securing user's Personal Information by FWD TOURISM and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to persons who purchase / intend to purchase / inquire about any product(s) / or service(s) made available by FWD ('User') through any of FWD’s customer interface channels including website, mobile site, & offline channels including call centers and offices (collectively referred herein as "Sales Channels").

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, wherever the context so requires "you" or "your" shall mean User and the term "we", "us", "our" shall mean FWD. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, Website means the website(s), and mobile site(s).

By using or accessing the Website or other Sales, the User hereby agrees with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the contents herein. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy please do not use or access our Website or other Sales process.
This Privacy Policy is an integral part of your User Agreement with FWD and all capitalized terms used, but not otherwise defined herein, shall have the respective meanings as ascribed to them in the User Agreement.

TYPE OF INFORMATION (WE COLLECT) "Personal Information" of User shall include the information shared by the User and collected by us for the following purposes:

Registration on the Website: Information which you provide while subscribing to or registering on the Website, including but not limited to information about your personal identity such as name, gender, marital status, religion, age etc., your contact details such as your email address, postal addresses, frequent flyer number, telephone (mobile or otherwise) and fax numbers. The information may also include information such as your banking details (including credit/debit card) and any other information relating to your income and/or lifestyle; billing information payment history etc. (as shared by you).

Other information: We many also collect some other information including but not limited to,

Your usernames, passwords, email addresses and other security-related information used by you in relation to our Services.

Data either created by you or by a third party and which you wish to store on our servers such as image files, documents etc. Data Received from any third party including social media channels, including but not limited to personal or non-personal information from your linked social media channels (which include but are not limited to name, email address, friend list, profile pictures or any other information that is permitted to be received as per your account settings) as a part of your account information.

Information pertaining any other travellers for who you make a booking through your registered FWD account. In such case, you must confirm and represent that each of the other travellers have agreed to have the information shared by you disclosed to us.


Service Providers/Suppliers:

Your information shall also be shared with the end service providers like airlines, hotels, bus service providers, cab rental, or any other suppliers who are responsible for fulfilling your booking. You may note that while making a booking with FWD you authorize us to share your information with the said service providers/suppliers. However, how the said service providers/suppliers use the information shared with them is beyond the purview of FWD. You are therefore advised to review the privacy policies of the respective service provide/supplier whose services you choose to avail.

FWD does not sell or rent individual customer names or other Personal Information of Users to third parties except sharing of such information with our business / alliance partners or vendors who are engaged by us for providing various referral services and for sharing promotional and other benefits to our customers from time to time basis their booking history with us.

Business Partners/Third Party Vendors.

We may also share certain filtered Personal Information to our business partners who may contact the customers to offer certain products or services (which may include free or paid products / services) which will enable the customer to have better travel experience or to avail certain benefits specially made for FWD customers. Examples of such partners are entities offering co-branded credit cards, travel insurance, insurance cover against loss of wallet, banking cards or similar sensitive information etc.

FWD may share your Personal Information to third party that FWD may engage to perform certain tasks on its behalf, including but not limited to payment processing, data hosting, and data processing platforms.

We use non-identifiable Personal Information of Users in aggregate form to build higher quality, more useful online services by performing statistical analysis of the collective characteristics and behaviour of our customers and visitors, and by measuring demographics and interests regarding specific areas of the Website. We may provide anonymous statistical information based on this data to suppliers, advertisers, affiliates and other current and potential business partners. We may also use such aggregate data to inform these third parties as to the number of people who have seen and clicked on links to their websites. Any Personal Information which we collect and which we may use in an aggregated format is our property. We may use it, in our sole discretion and without any compensation to you, for any legitimate purpose including without limitation the commercial sale thereof to third parties

Occasionally, FWD will hire a third party for market -research surveys and contest - entry processing and will provide information to these third parties specifically for use in connection with these projects. The information (including aggregate and tracking information) we provide to such third parties, alliance partners, or vendors are protected by confidentiality agreements and such information is to be used solely for completing the specific project, and in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Privacy Contact Information If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy policy you may contact us using the information below:

Email: info@flyingwithdreams.com
Mobile: Land Line - 08041278688

FLYINGWITHDREAMS (FWD) Membership Terms & Condition :

The Membership Registration Fees Of INR 1,000 Is NON-Refundable.

Individual Membership Activation Fees Of Diamond And Diamond Plus Are Adjustable And A Member May Take The Benefit Provided By The Company By Way Of Availing A Suitable Tour Package From The Company For Himself/Herself And His Family Only @ 10% Of The Per Package Cost Within One Year From The Date Of The Membership.

Alternatively, The Member Can Avail The Benefit Of A Free One Way Flight Applicable In A (Diamond Plus Membership) In The Indian Domestic Sector With Pre-Intimation (90 Days Of The Journey Date).

In The Event Of A Member Has Earned Incentives For The Business Which She/He Earned, Which Is Less, Equal Or More Than The Membership Fees Of Diamond Or Diamond Plus, She/He Will Not Be Entitled To Get A Reimbursement Of The Amount.

In The Event Of A Member, For Any Reason Is Unable To Avail Either Of The Benefit In The First Year Nor She/He Earns Any Business Commission, The Same Can Be Extended For The Following Year Only At The Discretion Of FWD Management And Thereafter The Membership Amount Will Be Kept Deposited Safely In A Bank Account For Reimbursement Of The Membership Amount By Way Of Availing Tour Package Against Which Only The Membership Amount Can Be Adjusted @ 10% In Each Availed Package As And When A Member Requests For The Same. The Members Are Responsible For Updating Their Contact Information And Mailing Address In Their FWD Member Profile And Address List.

The Registered Members Must Be Active Immediately Or Within A Reasonable Time Specified During Registration. If You Are Not An Active Member By The Deadline Specified, You Will Not Be Eligible For The Benefits Mentioned Above. If We Find A Membership Has Been Purchased For The Sole Purpose Of Purchasing And Reselling Tour Packages Or One Way Free Flight Benefit, FWD Reserves The Right To Cancel The Ticket Order And Membership Without Any Refund.

FWD Reserves The Right To Refuse Service Without Reimbursement To Any Breaking Rules Or Abusing Their Membership Privileges.

Only One (1) Membership Per Person Is Permitted. If The Management Finds That Member Has Joined More Than Once, The Management Reserves The Right To Cancel All Memberships Without Any Reimbursement / Refund.
Account Once Created At FWD Cannot Be Cancelled.However,It Can Be In-Activated From Company On Written Request From Member Without Any Reimbursement/Refund.

Only Active/Productive Members Will Be Eligible For Royalty.

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